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Shalom to you all,

I am trying to trace a long lost aunt of mine. Her name in Russia was Maria Marusia
but in Canada/USA may be she was called Mary or Mary Ann.

She came probably during the Second World War to Canada and lived in Montreal.

Her husband was a farmer and a horse trainer. They had a dairy farm and they were
raising horses as well in Canada or/and in the USA. Their family name was may be
Sheffield or Sheinfeld, Shefford ...(?).

They had 2 sons and I have heard that later they also had a horse farm in

I would like to get any information about Jewish farmers >from a Russian origin that
had a dairy farms or Horse Farms in Canada and in the USA or were a horse trainers/
breeders. Any information about Russian Jewish farmers in the USA, Canada and
Australia can promote my search.

Thank you very much,

Best Regards,

Dror Woichansky,

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