JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Can anyone read the handwriting on this 1910 Census Rec? #general

Roxanne Abrams-Cancel

On Jan 30th Deborah Scheimer wrote: "I'm having trouble reading information for
William & Esther Watzman on lines 65 & 66 of this page. I'm specifically interested
in the "Nativity Information" (Colums12-14): birthplace of themselves and each of
their parents. I also can't read William's occupation in Column 19."

It appears to me that all three birth columns for William show Russia Yiddish and
for Esther they are Russia Polish (which is lined out) and Yiddish. The
Enumerator's J's and Y's seem interchangeable throughout this page.

As for his occupation it looks like he was the proprietor of a Gents Furnishings

Hope this helps.

Roxanne Abrams-Cancel
Cary, North Carolina

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