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Gladys Paulin

I have a memoir >from a cousin of my grandfather >from Minsk guberniya who emigrated
in mid 1905.

Her trip was by train >from Kalinkovichi to St. Petersburg and on to Finland; >from
there they embarked on a ship to Hull, England, then by train to Glasgow Scotland
from where they sailed to New York. (They were hidden in a hay wagon to pass
through the city of St. Petersburg to change stations)

My grandmother appears to have followed a similar route in September 1905 although
I have not been able to confirm her whole route; she did leave >from Kalinkovichi
and her arrival in New York was aboard a ship that had sailed >from Glasgow.

The cousin is listed in the passenger lists available at the following Finnish Web

Switch to English language pages and follow directions on how to search the
passenger lists for free to see if your ancestors may have taken a route through

Gladys Friedman Paulin, CG(sm)
Winter Springs, FL

"Stanley and Shelda Sandler" <stanshel@...> wrote:
I am trying to learn the path my grandparents may have taken on their journey >from
Russia to Scotland in 1903. According to family legend, they fled >from Russia
hidden in a hay wagon immediately following their marriage. For the next ten years,
they lived in Scotland; but how might they have traveled >from Mogilev Guberniya
(possibly >from the town of Chausy) across Europe to reach Scotland veled >from Minsk
guberniya to the U/Sss rom the train station across St. Petersburg to another

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