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Fritz Neubauer

Everthan wrote (in response to Barbara)
Barbara Ras Wechsler wrote:
. Jaroslau is also listed in the column "zustndig nach" "zuständig nach ..."
"living/domiciled in ..."

Dear all,

"zuständig nach" in Austro-Hungarian documents has nothing to do with "living in"
or "domiciled in", until 1918 is was a fictitious "home place" inherited >from the
paternal ancestors which theoretically would be responsible for a person if the
need should arise. A person "zustaendig nach" a certain place need never ever have
been to this place in his or her life. And this place seems to have been informed
about any civil proceedings. More experts on this can probably be found on the
Austro-Czech SIG mailing list.
I hope that helps

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany with Austrian roots

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