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Jeff Miller

I want to thank everyone who responded. I received many helpful and informative
responses, and a host of interesting ways of attacking the problem, >from use of
JewishGen Communities database and Gazetteer, to use of various JewishGen and
LitvakSIG databases, Lithuanian town lists, use of Steve Morse tools such as
searching Ellis Island arrivals and Hamburg departures, and a number of others.
The upshot is that Mike Gore was, based on his Hamburg departure 16 June 1888, born
about 1878, aboard the ship Huddersfield, headed for Chicago, apparently originally
known as Meier Gor >from the Lithuanian town of Raseiniai [Lith], with alternative
spellings (language) being Rasayn [Yid], Rossieny [Rus], Raseinen [Ger], Rosienie
[Pol], Raseii [Latv], Rasein, Raseyn, Raseinai, Rasseyn, Resein, Rossein. He
was apparently traveling with the Grinberg family >from the same town; the parents
were Moses, 50, and Zirl, 45, and the son was Israel Hirsch Grinberg, age 11.

The rest of what appears to be Mike's family, >from the same town of Raseiniai,
departed Hamburg on 13 December 1886 aboard the ship named Prague. It appears that
Charles (Mike's father) was identified as Zallel, born abt 1849; Sarah as Eide
(Ida), born abt 1852; Sofie as Schepsel, born abt 1876,;another Gor named Schifre
(I don't know who she corresponds to in the family tree), born close to the same
time as Mike (Meier); Samuel as Hirsch, born 1882; Abraham Louis as Leib, born abt
1884; and another Gor named Libe, born abt 1886 (I don't know who she corresponds
to in the family tree).

With respect to Etta YUDLEVITZ, who said she was born in Pogave, Russia, several
possibilities were suggested, Raguva and Pagiriai being the most likely, as I see

I learned quite a bit about not only my family, but about ways of attacking
the problem, and fior that, I am most appreciative. JewishGen is indeed wonderful,
and those who are members are the best. Thank you, all.

Best regards,

Jeff Miller
Maryland, US
GREENWALD primarily >from Lithuania

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