Looking for families from Markt Berolzheim #germany

Lin Herz

Hi GerSIG Friends,

L'Shana Tova! Wishing you all a sweet, healthy, happy year.

Daniel BURMANN, the volunteer archivist of Markt Berolzheim is writing a
book about the Jewish families who lived there. He is looking for
descendants of these families: ENGEL, WOLF, STERN, SCHNEIDER, HIRSCH
and HERZ. If you are descended >from one of these families, or other
Jewish families >from Markt Berolzheim let me know and I'll give
you his contact information.

I should add some information about Daniel, so that no one is wondering
what kind of person this is. Daniel first contacted me a few years ago
when he was going to be putting on an exhibition about the Jews from
Markt Berolzheim who fought in WW1. He gave me some names of people with
the surname HERZ asking if they were related to me. I was only familiar
with one of the names. and gave him photos and information about my
grandfather's first cousin, Max HERZ. I told him that my grandfather's
surname was LEVI. Ii was his mother whose maiden name was HERZ.

Daniel asked for photos and information about my grandfather and his
siblings. I gave him information and also told him that all of his
siblings were murdered in the Holocaust. Not only did Daniel find
military records on my grandfather and his siblings, and include them in
the exhibition. He also told in the exhibition about the fact that they
were murdered in the Holocaust etc. . But that=E2=80=99s not all. Daniel
did some research for me and through him I found out how all the Herzes
he had mentioned were related to me. All of them were the sons of my
great grandmother's siblings. He found all kinds of genealogical
information for me about my grandmother's siblings (I only knew
about 1 of them at the time) and their sons who fought in the war. Since
then he has found and shared all kinds of wonderful documents and
information about my ancestors and cousins, etc. >from Markt Berolzheim.
He even took photos of important sites to my family.

Sincerely, Lin Herz, Palm Bay, Florida lin32905@gmail.com

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