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Logan J. Kleinwaks

I am pleased to announce that a Galicia and Bukovina business directory dated
1907-1913 is now searchable and viewable at This is
volume 19b of the 10th edition of Leuchs' "Adressbuch aller Laender der Erde der
Kaufleute, Fabrikanten, Gewerbtreibenden, Gutsbesitzer, ..." The directory is
included in all searches by default. You can restrict searches to it, excluding
other directories, by appending {d667} to your search term (e.g., Lichtbach {d667})

The directory is organized mostly by town. To find a town's section (rather than
searching by surname), you can use the town index beginning at The numbers next to the town
names are the printed page numbers, to which you should add 20 to get approximately
the corresponding image number in the online presentation. You can jump to image
number X with the URL If you do not see your town,
go forward or backward using the numerical "Image" links in the top middle of the
page. Alternatively, you can often find a town's section by using the town's name
as your search term (with {d667}).

Please note that the date 1907-1913 printed on the title page might refer to the
range of publication dates across all volumes of this edition, and not the time
period in which information was collected for this particular volume. If you know
more precisely the date of publication or compilation of this volume, please
contact me. It is not apparent to me >from the directory itself, unlike some other
editions. Possibly, this is clarified in the first volume, which is not online.

This directory is available only because an anonymous donor paid for its
digitization by the Moravian Library in Brno through the eBooks on Demand program
(, and then provided me with the images. While the donor
does not wish to be publicly acknowledged, I am sure that many of us will be
grateful for this generous gift.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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