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Mark Jacobson

FamilySearch Photoduplication is overwhelmed with requests. They are
taking at least a month to fill a request for copies (I have been waiting
about 4 weeks for my most recent request). They do not directly send you
the images. They send you a temporary link to an online storage file
where you can download the jpg images to your computer as a zip file. The
images only are there for two weeks, so download them as soon as you can.

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On Tue, 2/19/13, AllenAmet@... <AllenAmet@...> wrote:
Thanks for the new info on frequency of requests. Can one generalize as
to about how long such a (valid) request takes to complete? Does the result
arrive as an (attached) email scan?
In a message dated 2/19/2013 2:22:14 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
Russ Maurer <RMaur@...> writes:
I visited the site today, however, and that seems to have changed. The
posted limit is now 5 items per month.
MODERATOR NOTE: Most questions about FamilySearch Photoduplication Services
may be answered on their Wiki page at:

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