[Where was] Mahlhof ? Is it perhaps Mielno (Chodecz)? #germany

Alex Magocsi

On the residency registration form (Meldekarte der Stadt Passau, September,
1945), it indicates that a former Hungarian Forced Laborer had arrived
from Mahlhof.
I am looking for the current location of Mahlhof which I believe could
be in Poland, or, at the time of his release, is assumed to have been in
the Soviet Occupation Zone (SBZ). He had been taken prisoner by the
Soviet Army.

Is it perhaps Mielno (Chodecz)?

If not, is anyone familiar with Mahlhof >from whence former laborers were
released? (responses in German or English appreciated)

Regards, Alex Magocsi awmjr@...

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