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Pamela Weisberger

Gesher Galicia announces two new additions to our "Gesher Galicia Map
Room" which cover several districts:

1. von Schlieben Map of Three Galician Districts (L'viv, Zolochiv,
Zhovkva), ca. 1828

Lithographed black & white map with colored district boundaries from
"Atlas von Europa nebst den Kolonien, fur Geschaftsmanner,
Zeitungsleser und Besitzer des Conversations-Lexicons" ("Atlas of
Europe, together with the colonies, for businessmen, newspaper readers
and owners of phrasebooks"), published by Goschen of Leipzig about
1828. The lithograph was created by Wilhelm Ernst August von Schlieben
(1781~1839), a military surveyor and economic statistician >from Saxony
who produced influential studies of many European crownlands. This map
covers three adjacent districts of Galicia, numbered here as 1: L'viv
(Lwow, Lvov, Lemberg); 2: Zolochiv ( Zloczow), including Brody and
Busk; 3: Zhovkva (Zolkiew, Zholkva), including Belz and Rawa Ruska.
The map is small but sharp and well-detailed, and includes all major
and many minor towns (mostly with Polish spelling), key roads, rivers
and lakes, colored district boundaries and a scale bar in miles.
Single image of a map purchased and scanned for Gesher Galicia by Dr.
Alex Feller, sourced >from a public auction.

2. von Schlieben Map of Three Galician Districts (Sambir, Stryi,
Ivano-Frankivsk), ca. 1828

Companion map to the above, with districts numbered here as 12: Sambir
(Sambor), including Drohobycz; 13: Stryij, Stry), including Kalush and
Bukachivtsi; 17:
Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanislawow, Stanyslaviv, Stanislau), including Monastyryska.
Single image of a map purchased and scanned for Gesher Galicia by Dr.
Alex Feller, sourced
from a public auction.
Map room website:

A reminder that public auction sites -- both in the U.S. and overseas
-- are useful resources for genealogists looking for maps, historical
documents, vital records and Jewish community ephemera. Special thanks
to Alex Feller for discovering these maps online and to Jay Osborn for
coordinating the GG map room.

Reminder: If you are in the New York area this weekend and want to
learn more about our map room and other Gesher Galicia projects, come
to our regional meeting on Sunday, March 17 at 11:00AM at the JCC in
Manhattan, 76th & Amsterdam Ave. (Author of "Galician Trails," Andrew
Zalewski, will also be speaking about the extensive use of maps in his
Details here:
and here:

Pamela Weisberger
President & Research Coordinator
Gesher Galicia

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