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JEAN PERKIN <jeanperkin@...>

No sooner had I sent this message when the replies came pouring in, and
each went more into detail. I have replied individually, but in case I
missed anyone out - thank you. We have now determined that her name was
Hodes - a diminutive of Hadassah.

Were is so easy to find her maiden name. She was in the 1858 revision list
as Hodes, daughter of Chaim and wife of Sholom Shnerovich. They lived in
Zaludok, now in Belarus.

We have done most of the spade work, so unless you know the surname name of
Hodes's father, please don't trouble.

I just really started this Email to say how kind the members of Soc. Gen.
are and Haag Sameach to all.
Thank you again.

Jean Perkin

"JEAN PERKIN" <jeanperkin@...> wrote:

Has anyone heard of the names Godes as a girls name in the Vilna area
around the 1800s? Was wondering if it was Hadas or Hodes. As in Girsh
and Hirsh.

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