Seeking a death certificate for 17 November 1922 from Hochneukirch (Juechen) Germany #germany

Jeanette R Rosenberg OBE

Dear GerSIG Members

I need your help and your opinion. Could my Great Great Grandmother
have been buried in Germany in November 1922 without any civil death

My Great Great Grandmother Regina nee FALKENSTEIN KRACO / KRAKO was born on
9 December 1827 in Hochneukirch which is today part of the city of
Juechen in North Rhine-Westphalia, (NRW) Germany. She was married to
Gabriel KRA(C)KO on 19 December 1859 at Hochneukirch and the couple
raised 7 children, all born in Hochneukirch. She died on 17 November
1922, presumably also at Hochneukirch.

My Great Great Grandmother Regina is buried in the small rural Jewish
cemetery with about 25 graves at Hochneukirch called Am Schromberg. I
have visited the cemetery and have seen her gravestone there. A photo
of it can also be seen on the Steinheim Institut's Epidat Database.
The information on her gravestone clearly notes that she died on 17
November 1922.

The NRW archive has recently put most of the Rheinland death
certificates online with free access >from the Personenstandsarchivs in
Duisburg. I therefore thought I should try to find my Great Great
Grandmother Regina's death certificate, having already located her
husband's certificate. (He died in 1892 also at Hochneukirch).

Despite extensive searching in all of the online death certificates
for Hochneukirch >from 1876-1938 and all the surrounding areas to
Hochneukirch, not only for 1922, but also for two years before and
afterwards, and unfortunately, I have not yet managed to locate her
death certificate.

What do other GerSIG members think? Is there any way that she could
have been buried without a having a civil death record? Her death is
apparently not registered anywhere in the civil death indexes. I look
forward to your views and considered opinions.

My JGID is 37756 - all the name that I am researching are in JGFF.
I'm currently concentrating my research on my maternal lines, mainly
from NRW and Rheinland Pfalz.
Jeanette R Rosenberg OBE, London UK

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