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Sarah L Meyer

There is a commercial site selling mapping software that will track
locations through time. My professional genealogist friend uses AniMap.
For the US the software is called AniMap, and it will for example take a
particular location and watch the state and counties change at different
points in time. There is a European version as well, but I am not sure
exactly the name of the software.

All can be found on the Goldbug site. ( Ask them for more
information on the European option.

It is not too difficult to use. I have seen it demonstrated but have not
actually purchased the software myself

Sarah L M Christiansen
Georgetown, TX 78633

Ron Arons wrote:
Google Maps actually provides numerous different symbols in multiple colors.
To be precise, Google Maps provides 91 different 'default'
icons. To use these icons, you must log into your Google account. Even more
icons can be found here:

Additionally, Google Maps, allows you to use other icons of our choice, so long
as there is a URL (in the cloud) which Google can use to locate that icon. To
explain it a different way, Google Maps will not be able to access an icon on
your hard drive.

From: Alexander Woodle <> wrote:
I am looking for a relatively simple computer mapping program to
display the movements of my family through time. Google is okay, but
limited to one color placemark. Are there other "canned" programs out
there that allow such maps to be drawn? Simple, that is, with a short
learning curve, please.
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