Re: Seeking a death certificate from Hochneukirch #germany

Nicole Heymans

Dear Jeanette,
How sure are you your gg gmother died in or near Hochneukirch? I have
a few oddities in my family.
My great-aunt Frieda COHN born LIEBES, who was living in Hamburg, died
in Kassell in October 1918 and was buried in a family grave in Berlin
My great-uncle Wilhelm LIEBES was killed in northern France in July
1918 and was buried nearby, but his father had a headstone erected on
the family grave.
I found another LIEBES, (Walter, probably related) who was killed in
the Battle of the Somme in 1916 and was buried there, but has a
headstone to his memory in Wroclaw Lotnicza ul. cemetary.
Where the headstone is might have little relevance to where the
individual died, or even where they are buried.
I'm not sure this will help you much, sorry. Good luck,

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium nichey46@...

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