Re: Berlin Death Records #germany

Joachim Mugdan

Ruth Lynn asked:

Do any of you know how to access Berlin death records after 1920?
While the records themselves are not online, the name indices are. You can
search for them by register office (Standesamt) at:
For further information about the register offices (including a link to a
map of the registration districts), see:
Please note that deaths were recorded in the district in which
they occurred; if you can't find anything at the person's permanent
address (see the address books at:
you might want to check the hospitals (e.g. Jewish hospital,
Standesamt Berlin XIIIa, >from 1938 Wedding;
Charit=E9, Standesamt Berlin XIIa, >from 1938 Tiergarten).
When you have found an entry, you can order a copy of the full record by
mail, using the form: or

There is a fee of 30 EUR per calendar year plus 1 EUR
per photocopy. All the information on the web pages of the state archive
(Landesarchiv) is in German.

Hope this helps, Joachim Mugdan, Basel, Switzerland
JGFF Researcher 5749 @Mugdan

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