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Andreas Schwab

On December 28, 2019, Ruth Lynn <ruthlynn33@...> asked about
Berlin death records for years after 1920. ======>

Birth, marriage and death records are indeed held at the Landesarchiv
Berlin (Berlin State Archives). They are not indexed apart >from what
Ancestry has. There are, however, lists for each civil registration
office (Standesamt) and each year ordered by first letter. You can find
them here:
You can search through the pages to see if you can find the name.
Instructions are here: (in German)
Note that each borough has/had their own civil registration office and
that boroughs changed over the years. The event is always registered
according to the place where it occurred and not at the residence of the
person. So if a person had lived in Berlin-Mitte but died in
Charlottenburg, you will find his death record in the Charlottenburg
registry. List of Standes=C3=A4mter over the years:
Once you have the borough, the year and the record number, the records
themselves have to be requested >from the Archives in writing for a fee.
Use the following form:
ister_formular_dt.pdf (in German)
Of course only records not subject to privacy laws are available (not
older than 30 years for deaths, 80 years for marriages and 110 years for
births). Otherwise, only direct descendants can order the records
directly >from the competent Standesamt.
There are also other genealogical sources at the State Archives, like
city directories and residence registration files.
For further details on genealogical research at the Berlin State
Archives see:
(in German)

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