Viewmate Translation Requests - German #germany


I am requesting translation of two German marriage certificates >from Hessen.

Are these 2 brothers marrying two sisters? Jakob LOEWENSTEIN and Jettchen
KOHLHAGEN are my great-grandparents. Jettchen died in 1896 +/- and Jakob
married Minna MANNSBACH in 1899. I believe that Jettchen had two sisters,
Betty and Fanny but no Sarchen.

I also had the thought that the two women were the same person and that Levi
died in the first year of marriage and she married his brother Jakob in 1888
but the note at the top of the marriage certificate indicates that Sarchen
was declared dead in 1945 (I think), so that theory doesn't work.

I welcome your assistance and hope the translation helps clear this up.

Please respond using the online ViewMate form. Thank you so much,

Leslie Rosenbush Floyd, Lawrenceville, NJ

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