JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Looking for Descendants of PERLMUTTERs from Novograd-Volynskyy #general

maureen perlmutter <m.perlmutter@...>

Our grandfather was David PERLMUTTER, born circa 1873, home town
Novograd-Volynskyy (called "Zvil" in Yiddish), married to Miriam
PRUSSMAN, arrived at Ellis Island in June of 1911 and left shortly
thereafter for Winnipeg, Canada. He had one brother, Moische, in
New York, who in 1911 was at 180 Madison Avenue. He had another
brother (first name unknown) in Montreal, who died in the early
1950s, had no children, and left some of his estate, at least, to
his Winnipeg nieces and nephews. We've heard that our grandfather
had around a dozen other siblings, as well: do we have relatives
out there?
M Perlmutter and Cousins, Canada

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