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Joyaa Antares

Dear Fellow Genners,

A number of List members have asked me how I got on with my recent enquiry - "How
to do research in Israel?" so here are the wonderful results:

* Several suggested the Israel Genealogy Research Association [IGRA] website: Without subscribing I found some data that added to what
I know about my family. If I subscribed I would get access to digital copies of
the actual records. Lots of useful information (especially under databases) but
for some reason I found the site painfully slow.

* Someone suggested the Israel Genealogical Society (Isragen) website:

* One wonderfully helpful List subscriber obtained the actual info I sought,
starting with the online Chevra Kadisha sites, e.g. These sites look great - so long as you can
read Hebrew or know the spelling of the surname that has been used - and can
get the "search" button to work (I'm still working on the last point!). I
don't know Hebrew (Ivrit) well enough for this site, but the List members
may be able to help you. Certainly if you know enough Hebrew you have to
use this resource.

* The same helpful subscriber then located my surviving family relative
using the telephone book (again in Hebrew) and subsequently located another
two family members for me. I am more than indebted.

* Another wonderful subscriber knows something about Hebrew restaurants (as
mentioned in my original post) and located several web addresses to my
cousin's restaurants plus - incredibly - a photo of one of them! That blew
me away! (See the pizza restaurant at the bottom of this page,!!

* My final advice - if it is not already obvious - is to ask this list.
There seem to be folk with all sorts of resources up their sleeves - the
above being just some - and their willingness to help is very humbling.

Joyaa. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

-----Original Message-----
Please can you help me with general or specific advice as to how to research a late
cousin in Israel. Where do I start to look? Whom in Israel might I ask? My
second cousin, Alec Schorr, lived/worked at 19 Yona Hanavi St, Tel Aviv, owning or
running a restaurant called "Kasba" ( or Kasbah or similar). He is thought to have
died in 1977. He may have had a wife called Sabina. I don't know whether he had
children, whom may or may not still be alive. That's the sum total of what I know.

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