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Marshall Katz

Holocaust survivor, Menachem BODNER, was just four years old when he was
liberated in 1945 >from Auschwitz concentration camp. Now 72, retired, and
living in Israel, Menachem is on a quest to locate his identical twin
brother, last seen at
Auschwitz, when the two were separated just 2 days before liberation.

In May 1944, Menachem and his identical twin brother were transported to
Auschwitz, two months prior to their 4th birthday. Being identical twins,
they were selected and became objects of criminal medical experiments.
Luckily, both survived the war, however, became separated.

One twin was adopted and given a new name, Menachem BODNER. The other
twin was adopted and taken to the USA. Maybe he too changed his name,
maybe even changed his religion---but the only definite link between them
is the
number tattooed on their arm.

For the next 67 years, Menachem had no knowledge about his family or twin
brother---knowing only his own Auschwitz tattoo on his arm, which was

Red Cross records that were located, show Menachem's brother was alive two
weeks after Auschwitz was liberated, giving him hope that he was still
alive and out there to be found and reunited with him. Also, >from the Red
Cross list, Menachem learned his real name was: GOTTESMAN, Elias.

from the Red Cross records:
A-7733 GOTTESMAN, Elias
A-7734 GOTTESMAN, Jeno

Jeno, with the number A7734 tattooed on his arm, may be your neighbor, a
friend, or even a relative.

We ask that you pass this to appear in your synagogue newsletter, local
newspaper and local television stations to ensure widest dissemination.

There is also a Facebook page with photos and more information:

If anyone learns the whereabouts of Jeno GOTTESMAN, please contact me off-list.

Thank you.

Marshall KATZ
Camp Hill, PA

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