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Robert Fraser wrote
My late father was arrested as part of the Kristallnacht events in Vienna on
10 November 1938. As he was being transported >from one jail to another, his
captors referred to him and his fellow captives as 'Asiatische Steppenhengste'.
When writing his memoirs many years later, he translated this expression as
'Asiatic steppe-stallions'. He could never find out what this interpretation
meant, and neither can I. Presumably, it's highly derogatory.
The translation is correct, it is a litteral translation, not an interpretation.

The level of [intended] derogatoriness is in the ear of the [speaker]/listener.

Perhaps "Asiatische steppe" heard as "non-aryan"?

Perhaps "[Steppen]hengst" was heard as non-monogamous behavour, [driven by hormones
in stead of reason?] contrary to local "christian", so "aryan" custom?

You would have to ask someone in that time, in that place, and >from the group of
the speaker or the intended audience.

Or you could encounter a researcher who claims to be able to deduct the above from
research, or provides contemporary written proof of it.


Ein Hengst ist ein männliches, unkastriertes Pferd
A stallion is a male horse that has not been gelded

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