Finding out more about my black sheep relative from Rhineland area #germany

Jeanette R Rosenberg OBE

Dear GerSIG members

I'm currently looking for information about a black sheep relative
called Elias KRAKO, can you help me?

According to his death certificate, reference Koeln 1889/57, my 3
times Great Uncle Elias KRAKO, who was born on 14 November 1830 in
Hochneukirch, now part of Juechen (Rhineland) and who died on 6
January 1889 in Koeln, died in prison, at Klingelpuetz No. 51 in the
Altstadt part of the city. His death was apparently registered on the
basis of a written notice >from the royal prison director, Hoffmeister.
How can I find out more about all this? it sounds rather curious to
me, especially because he was supposed to have been living in London
at the time!

Elias was 58 years old when he died, and had been resident in London
UK, where 2 of his 7 children were living. He was the widower of
Amalia SASSERATH and had been a general dealer. (His sons in London
were an insurance salesman and a hairdresser.)

More information about this colourful character can be seen on the
website of Familienbuch Euregio:

where it is noted in Volume II of the book Juden in Moenchengladbach by
Gunter Erkens (on page 217) that in April 1864, Elias and his wife had been
wanted by the police for receiving stolen goods. It seems that Elias
had jumped out of the window and escaped, leaving his wife Amalia to
be arrested in his absence. It was however later reported that they
had both been punished for their crime. Ideally I am also looking for
a copy of the Gladbacher Zeitung for 24 April 1864 and 4 May 1864 to
read for myself about the matter that Erkens wrote about, He referred
to that paper and on those dates. (I own a copy of all 3 volumes of
Erkens' book.)

Will I be able to find an online copy of the newspaper or what library
can I approach to order a copy of the relevant articles?

As to what happened at the time of Elias; death, I'm stumped! All
ideas for where to look for more information are welcome!

For those members of my family reading this, Elias was a brother in
law to Regina (born FALKENSTEIN) KRAKO, who was the subject of my
previous posting. I'm still looking for her death certificate, but
thank you again to everyone who has tried to help me with suggestions
and ideas.

Jeanette R Rosenberg OBE, London UK

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