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In researching my ggm's MOSTVILISKER family in Ashmyany, I have found the same
MOSTVILISHSKER, Leyb son of Faiba in the 1858 revision, listed as MOSTVALINSKI,
Leiba son of Faiva Yankel in the 1834 revision. This did not come up with the
Daitch-Mokotoff soundex matching. There is also a branch of the family (which I
have come to know through another Jewishgen MOSTVILISKER researcher) that used
MOSTVEILSKY. I have also found a number of people at Ancestry under
MOSTVALIANSKY, generally >from Pruzhany. Am I incorrect to assume this is the same
family? When entering in variant English spellings of the same at the Lithuania
database, I have also come up with MOTVELISHSKY, MATVILSKI, MANTOVILSKI, and
(with the S) are one and the same? In the list of Marriages and Divorces , there
is an Itzko listed as MATZVILISHSKY/[MONTVILISHSKY], which seems to support this
conclusion. Finally, one English spelling variant resulted in a Grodno, Belarus
list (still the same area as the original MOSTVILISHSKERs) of NOTABELSKY. What am
I to make of this?

If anyone reading this is part of the MOSTOVLIANSKY family (found at Ancestry >from
Pruzhany and Mozir) which includes Moshe and Rivka and their children Pinchas,
Lieber, Chaya Sara, Miesche, please contact me. I have found and connected most
arrival records and census addresses. If these families are connected, I would
very much like to have concrete evidence.

I have also saved a number of arrival records for MONTVELISHSKYs >from Ancestry;
most of these have come up at the Lithuania database as >from Eisiskes and Merkine.
I really don't know if I should consider this essentially the same name as
MOSTVILISHSKY. I would really appreciate someone's advice.

PLEASE contact me at or at this forum.

Sheila Coyne

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