ViewMate: Can you identify anyone in this photo: Friends & family reunion in Bad Ems in the mid-1920s #germany

Joyaa Antares

Dear Fellow Researchers,

I have posted a photo of a mid-1920s friends/family reunion to ViewMate.
It shows 24 people.

The photo was taken at the Hotel Staatl Kurhaus in Bad Ems, Germany but the
identified family came >from BERLIN (1870s), and prior to this >from Scherwin
and "Friedeberg".

The photo shows Aron LEVY, Louise (nee BADER) LEVY and their grandson, Eddie
LEVY. Aron and Louise moved >from BERLIN to London, England in the 1880s.
I expect that many or all of the 21 unidentified people were based in
Germany. Aron was a Tailor or Hatter, so people >from this profession may
appear. Young Eddie was a teenager so his profession isn't relevant, but
if this is more of a family photo, then it will help to know that his
mother's maiden name was SKOTZKI, and his maternal grandmother's maiden name

Do you recognise anyone?

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Joyaa Antares, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Researching LEVY, BADER in Berlin, Schwerin, Friedeberg
KEMPNER in Berlin, Lodz, Warszawa and London
in Polangen, Kretinga, Darbenai, Libau, Riga, Memel
SCHORR, SCHERZER, JURIS and DAWID in Buckaczowce, Ottynia, Nadworna, and
Kolomyya ZUNDER in Buckaczowce and Ivano-Frankivsk

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