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I was excited to submit DNA to Ancestry to locate possible new cousins..

I have had only 2 or 3 possible 3rd cousins and hundreds of potential
4th-6th cousins.

While Ancestry is quite "certain" I am related to these people, I am
not sure how or what to do with the results.

Since, there are no common surnames among our trees and to be 4th
cousins, mans we would share Great Great Great grandparents ,,,and I
may have a name or two on that level..but not their siblings or maiden
names (and certainly not if I need to identify 5th or 6th cousins)

So.. what if anything can be done with these results? There are
hundreds of results.. and I don't even know what to ask... since our
trees have no overlapping names...Even if I were to assume that there
were common towns...- which may or may not be true...I still see no
way to make any real connections.

Am I missing something?

Michael Salzbank

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