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Arthur Obermayer <obermayer@...>

Please contact me if any of the people listed below appear to be your
ancestors. The women are all matrilineal descendants (only through
mothers and daughters) of my 2-greats grandmother, Schoenle Steiner
Obermayer, who was born about 1780 in Bavaria.

If we can confirm the connection, I can provide one line of your
ancestry with reasonable certainty back to the early 1500s. Furthermore,
if your connection to the listed women is only matrilineal, you (and
others with a similar connection) should have essentially identical
mtDNA to Schoenle Steiner Obermayer. If we can find two individuals
with only this matrilineal connection, the validity of this genealogical
information can be confirmed by mtDNA measurements.

In the listing below husbands names are provided only for better
identification purposes. Sons' names are only provided below if they
may be living today, and therefore would have the same mtDNA (i.e., >from
their X chromosome) as their mothers. Many of these people lived over a
hundred years ago.

This can be a powerful way of establishing and confirming relationships.

Arthur Obermayer
Newton, MA

POSSIBLE CONNECTIONS: Roland and Johanna Abrahams; Jane Abrahams; Julius
and Helena Bachmann;Sidney and Dorothy Berney; Sirra orLieselotte Birn;
Moses and Flora Brenner; Claribel Cone; Elsa or Marga Goldscheider;
George and Carolyn Green; Edna or Andrew Green; Isaac and
ClementineGuggenheimer;Jacob and Johanna Gugenheimer;Rudolf and Helen
Gumpert;Susan or David Gumpert; Paul and Ellen Hirschland; Nancy
Hirchland; Charles and Alice Hoffberger; Carol Hoffberger; Victor and
Minna Jalenko; Gustav and Edna Lichtenfeld; Jacob and Henrietta Leibson;
Jacob and Nanette Liebson; Moses and Carrie Long; Markus and Helene
Moellerich; Mathilde , Adelheid,Sophie,Karolina,Idaor Jeanetta
Neuburger,Rudolph and Selma Nussbaum;Henrietta Reis; Henry and Carrie
Rosenheim;Delia Rosenheim; Martha or Inge Sadler; Irene Schnebalg;George
and Joanne Schreiner; Ann Schreiner; Louis and Rosa Waterman.

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