Re: Researching GUNDELFINGER from Southern Germany #germany

Peter Lobbenberg

Hi Andrew

According to a tree on Ancestry (Jeremy HERZ Family Tree), Karolina [sic]
GUNDELFINGER born MAIER was born on 20 June 1837 in Ichenhausen, Guenzburg
[ u umlaut], Bavaria, and died in Ulm on 23 October 1909; her parents were
Heinrich (Hayum) MAIER 1795-1872 and his wife Babette born SCHWARTZ

Heinrich GUNDELFINGER, Karolina's husband, was born on 28 August 1830, also
in Ichenhausen. His parents were Abraham GUNDELFINGER 1798-1865 and Babette
(Bessel) born HEYMANN / HEIMAN 1805-1846.

This Ancestry tree gives no corroborative links or records, but it looks
like the Standesamt in Ichenhausen should be your next port of call.

Does that help?

Best wishes
Peter Lobbenberg, London N2, England

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Hello Gersig

Can someone help me with the following?

I am trying to locate the birth, marriage and death records of my Great Gra=
ndparents; possibly in Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg or Rhineland Palatinate

My grandfather Abraham GUNDELFINGER was born in Ulm on 15 April 1870.
I have his birth certificate

His parents were Heinrich GUNDELFINGER who I think was born in 1830 but I h=
ave no other details

He married Karoline MAIER and I have no details about her at all

These are the two people who I am trying to trace. Can anyone assist?
Alternatively, can anyone put me in touch with a genealogist who undertakes=
this type of work?

This is information that I have been asked to provide to the Bundesverwaltu=
ngsamt in Cologne

Thank you in advance

Andrew Gundelfinger, Mill Hill, London, England
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