Zolkiew vital records #galicia


Dear Fellow Galizianers,
I am new to this discussion group...my father's family was >from Zolkiew, now
known as Zhovkva, and Derevnia, a tiny near-by shtetl of about 100 people. I
noticed the Mormons had 3-4 microfilms of vital records >from ZOlkiew and
decided to extract them...Stanley Diamond will post them in the JRI Poland
site; if anyone in NYC is interested in joining me in this project, I would be
delighted, as it is slow work...the records generally are written in Cyrillic,
and the names are in Cyrillic and Polish...although I am not knowledgeable
about either language, I felt that even a record of the names of the Jewish
population of Zolkiew >from the mid 1860's might be helpful. Please contact me
with suggestions, etc. Jane Lowenkron Foss, NYC (jlowenkron@aol.com)

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