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Shelley K. Pollero <rpollero@...>

Please make corrections to Naomi Fatouros' post about the RAPAPORTS:

FIRST: "the name of my grandfather's mother was "Beila Shifra
Meerovna" not, as it appeared in the published form, "Beila

SECOND: An important sentence was omitted >from this paragraph:

"I later learned that there was a Yizkor book for this town,
and still later, thanks to the efforts of Jewishgenner Michael Chen,
I not only acquired the book at a reasonable price, but also
Michael's translation of the RAPAPORT chapter in the book. Michael
also learned >from Dov Breier of the Podwolochisk Society in Israel
that the widow of the writer of the chapter, Arieh RAPAPORT, was
still alive, and he gave me her address."

In addition, Naomi writes:

The name of Rivka RAPPAPORT's eldest son, the one who wrote in
response to my postal letter to his mother, is Ze'ev RAPPAPORT.
from his email address, I assume he is living in Germany, and again
from his email address, he probably works for the EL AL airline.
from the email address of his brother, whose first name Ze'ev forgot
to mention, I assume the brother lives in Israel.

Naomi Fatouros
Bloomington, Indiana
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