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Ariane Mil

Dear Genners

I would like to introduce myself. I am a new member
and I saw Celia's SOS this morning about deleting a
spam mail. She was correct - I did reply privately to
her mail called The Five *Familiantin* of Tabor Stadt,
1793! I hoped she might be able to help me answer some
of these questions. However Celia suggested I also
post them to the whole SIG - so here is my first

I found the article on the Familantin of Tabor very interesting.
I myself am a born GUTTMANN living in Switzerland.
In July, I was in Prague, where I found in the archives
[register books of birth) information about both my gtgt-grandparents.

My GUTTMANNs moved to Prague in June 1894, where some
of their children were born. Before moving to Prague,
my gt-grandparents lived in Nowy Sacz (Neu-Sandez) and
Wishnitz (Wisnicz).

What I would like to know is:

1. Are the Tabor GUTTMANN families related to mine?

2. How are Tabor - Nowy Sacz - Wisnitz (Visnice)
connected to each other?

3. Are the GUTTMANN families in this area related to
each other?

4. When and why did they leave this area for Prague?

5. During WWI und WWII many Jews left for Vienna,
Amsterdam and other European countries and then to
the US. Are there any sources to trace back these
different migrations in order to find living family

6. Here is an insight into our GUTTMANN tree:

Moses (Moritz) GUTTMANN (ca.1830 - ca. 1896) married
Broche Stiel (? - ca. 1909) (living in Wisnicz)

son: Simon (Simmel) GUTTMANN (born in Wisnicz
01.12.1856 - Prag, 24.02.1937) married
Jetty BUCHSBAUM (Nowy Sacz = N.S. 12.11.1858 -
Terezin 29.09.1942) married 24.05.1878 Prague.

2. Son, name not known, who had a son with name
Julius (or Isi) GUTTMANN who was an opera singer at
the German Opera in Prague, died in London after WWII.

Children of Simon and Jetty GUTTMANN-BUCHSBAUM:

Nathan Guttmann (N.S. 28.11.1881 - Auschwitz Dec.
1942) - he was a rabbi in Paciv.

Heinrich (Chaim) GUTTMANN (N.S. 25.05.1888 -
Basel/Switzerland 09.02.1947) [my grandfather]

Max GUTTMANN (Prague 17.03.1897 - Prag 26.09.1955) He
was a chasan

Leopold GUTTMANN (Prague 25.04.1898 -
London after WWII)

Gustav GUTTMANN (Prague 18.06.1900 - New York Aug.
1971) [changed his name to GODWIN]

Olga GUTTMANN (Prague 11.04.1904 - Lengnau Switzerland

son of Heinrich (Chaim)

Max GUTTMANN (Basel 1916)

myself (daughter of Max GUTTMANN)
Ariane GUTTMANN married Richard Mil

7. Are there copies of the Familianten books to find
out if the above names of my GUTTMANN are listed?

I hope someone can help me find out more about my

Ariane Mil. Zurich, Switzerland

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