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P. S. Wyant

Shalom, Helene,

in strictly correct usage, you are their grandniece (not their great-niece) in the
same way as you are the grandfather's granddaughter (not great-daughter). You are
the great-grandniece of your great-grandfather's siblings.

Regrettably, modern (incorrect) usage (which is, unfortunately, supported by many,
but not all, dictionaries) has replaced "grand niece" with "great-niece" and some
dictionaries, even worse, equate grandniece with great-niece, specifying that a
grandniece is the daughter of one's nephew or niece.

You can see the confusing result.

Peter Wyant
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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From: "Helene Kenvin" <>
I believe (and please correct me if I am wrong) that I am the great-niece of my
grandfather's siblings. But what am I to the siblings of my great-grandfather?
Am I their great-great niece? Their grand niece? Their great-grand niece? Or
some other equally tongue-twisting honorific....

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