JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: looking for Jewish German actor named Karl H. SEFFERS from Berlin #general

André Günther

Hello Moshe,

the 1938 ship manifest shows additional the sister Anna KILIAN (>from Bassy). More
interesting: The manifest >from 1933 - the Bremen >from Cherbourg to nyc - which has
slight failures- but shows the same person! Here she is a private person - but she
travels to United Artists! And she is married with Lipmann DAVIDSON >from Riga..

Refering to the also jewish actor Karl SEFFERS >from Stuttgart (travelling to his
uncle Joseph DRECHSLER) seems to have changed his name - Carl Hans Georg Steffens
became Charles SOREL (who travelled a lot around).

May it help.
"Anderl" Andre´ Guenther
Munich, Germany

From: Moshe Schaeffer <>
I am looking for information on a Mrs. Bassy r. DAVIDSON nee KADIS. I found her on
a ship manifest the S.S. Oriente sailing >from Havana on July 1938 to New York. On
the ship with her was a Jewish German actor named Karl H. SEFFERS >from Berlin. It
says she is a film representative. I am trying to find more info on her i thought
if I could find more info on him it might lead to her.

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