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Datum: Dienstag, 16. Februar 1999 13:29
Betreff: Searching Nussbaum >from Brody

My research in Galicia is >from the town of Brody. My grandfather Albert
Abraham NUSSBAUM came >from there to Vienna in 1882 and his sister
Beile/Betty, m: CZECHER, the Czecher's >from Debica, now Poland and from
Brody, now Ukraina. Ggrandmother Riska/Rosalie GUTTMANN and her brother
Pincas GUTTMANN >from Brody.

It is remarkable that my ggrandfather Adolf Aron NUSSBAUM worked as a
doctor beyond the Austrian border, at Radziwillow/Russia, now Ukraina,
for some years. I suppose he helped the thousends of Jewish refugees from
Russia there.

No result until now for the two younger sisters of my grandfather,
Friederike NUSSBAUM and Loira/Laura/Lola m: METANOMSKA female for
METANOMSKY. Both teachers in Brody according to N.M. Gelber-Yizkor-book
in 1914. My latest papers >from 1932. Victims of Holocaust?

Maybe the book "An Eternal Light - Brody in Memoriam" published by
"Organization of Former Brody Residents in Israel" could give answers.
Mainly in Hebrew -- sorry for my not knowing Hebrew. Couldn't find
addresses of this Organization in Israel.

Andreas Inhofner, Vienna/Austria -- reply to A.Inhofner@aon.at

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