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Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Isak, you may well be looking at a Sephardic family. Many medical
doctors certainly left Spain after 1492 and went around the world.
Many of the "Royal" doctors in Eastern Europe had Sephardic roots.

In checking variants of the name in Pere Bonnin's Sangre Judia (4th
edition, which lists year of a document and the place it was found),
I find the following information:

JONA (1324, in Valls Taragona)
JONAH (1173, Tudela)
YONA (1212, Girona)
YONAH (1012, Aragon)

The "de" indicates "from" or "of" (as in a family).

I would also check the name search engine at, as well
as Jeff Malka's

If this is your direct line, or you can find someone who is >from
this direct line and do a Y-DNA test (37 or 67 markers) at and join the IberianAshkenaz DNA Project
(co-administered by both Judy Simon and myself), perhaps some
interesting connections might pop up. The Project has confirmed
some rather surprising stories of Sephardic origin in some very
Ashkenazi families!

Please contact me if you have additional questions.

With best wishes
Schelly Talalay Dardashti
New Mexico

TALALAI-TALALAY-TALALAJ: Mogilev, Vorotinschtina, Zavarezhe,
Gorki, BEL; Novgorod Severskiy, Chernigov, UKR; St. Petersburg,
Moscow, Siberia.
TALALYA-TALALLA: Lerida/Llerida, Catalunya, Spain.

Isak Gath <> wrote:

Hello Genners
I am looking for any information (ancestors, descendants)
concerning a Lviv (Lwow, Lemberg) Jewish family of medical doctors,
who lived there during the 17th and beginning 18th century. Typical
given names might have been, Simcha, Yochanan, Menachem Baruch and
Yaakov. Any information will be greatly acknowledged.

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