JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Is there a registry for Kohenim in Israel? #general

Harvey Kaplan

As a Cohen myself, most men who are religiously aware tend to know
about the link if they know their Hebrew name (X ben Y HaKohen).
Most people would refer back to the oldest religious family document
they could find with a Hebrew name. There is no registry, as there is
no 100% way of proving the status, other than family tradition.

The hand sign is made by Kohanim during the duchan ceremony (priestly
blessing) - not by those with the status of Levi.

Harvey Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland

On 16 May 2013 07:09, "George Frankel" <Grf100@...> wrote:
My great-uncle, Itzhak FRENKEL emigrated to Israel in 1935 >from Vienna. He
died in Haifa in 1974. One of my relatives told me that at shul he made
the sign that Kohanim make and that my great-uncle told him he was a Kohen.

My father thought he was a Levi, but not a Kohen. Would the Levis make
the same sign in the synagogue? Is there a registry in Israel of all
Kohenim? If so, is it accessible to the public?

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