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Lynne Schneider

Dear Genners,=0A=0AFinally, after years of searching, I was able, because o=
f information provided on this list, to locate my Great Grandfather's Natur=
alization Petition and Certificate. On the petition it is stated that Benny=
ESCHEN arrived at Ellis Island on 31 July 1900 on the Maasdam which sailed=
>from Rotterdam. In=A0actuality, the ship arrived on 30 July 1900 (a very s=
mall discrepancy). We (a cousin, her uncle, a friend and me) have combed th=
rough the Maasdam's manifest looking for Benny's entry. No luck.=0A=0AThe m=
anifest for the Maasdam was "microphotographed" in 1944 with then current t=
echnology. I have noticed that many of the pages were not photographed in t=
heir entirety. Each page has 30 lines for listing 30 passengers. On a great=
number of these manifest pages the photograph starts at line 3 or 4 and/or=
ends somewhat short of line 30.=0A=0ABecause I am hopeful that my ancestor=
might be listed on the unphotographed lines of the manifest, I am wonderin=
g if there is a source (we have already sent a request to NARA) for the ori=
ginal paper pages of this manifest and if so, how they might be accessed.=
=0A=0AThank you for any and all suggestions.=0A=0A=0A=0ALynne Schneider=0A=
=0AResearching: ESCHEN, ZUKERMAN (Vaslui, Romania)=0A=0A___________________=

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