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Jay Sobel

Hello Friends:

I've posted a photograph of the rear of a postcard with yiddish writing.
It is on ViewMate at the following address:

The Yiddish writing is difficult to decipher.

Can anyone who is up for a challenge please provide a word for word
translation in English?

Apparently this is a message >from one of my late Father's Mother's siblings
to either his mother or her sister, his Aunt.

It is written on the rear of a postcard with his image.

If you are interested, that image of my Great Grandfather
Mendel Maniszewicz is posted on VewMate at the following address:

Thank you,
Jay Sobel,
Toronto, CANADA

Researching maternal family surnames:
LIPFELD, WAJCMAN (>from the towns of Blonie, Blonkow and Radom, Poland;
Argentina, Israel, and Spain)
Researching paternal family surnames:
SOBEL, MANISZEWICZ, MANIS, ALTBAUM (>from unknown towns in Poland; and perhaps

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