Rymalover Kehilah B'nai Jacob #galicia


Dear People,

I don't know how much use it is to learn the address of Lower East Side
organizations, shuls, societies, etc.., but I just found a listing for the
Rymalover Kehilah B'nai Jacob, in the Oscar Israelowitz Tour Guide list. This
Kehilah was located at 218 East Second Street.

I had missed this listing when I sent a message the other day about the
First Rymalower Young Men's Benevolent Society, because the listing is not in
alphabetical order. Instead, organizations are listed according to location,
street by street. (Besides the lines are close together and the print is

YIVO has published a guide to its Landsmanshaft Archives, but I don't know
whether it's in Yiddish or English. Most likely the archives are all in
Yiddish, Hebrew, or, perhaps, Polish and Russian. If you visit YIVO when it
has reopened, you can ask to to see the archives for a particular society and
make an arrangement to have a volunteer do some translating help. Usually a
volunteer comes in on a particular day of the week, so, inconvenient as it may
be, you may have to make two trips to YIVO.

Naomi Fatouros
Bloomington, IN 47401, USA

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