Re: Rymalover Kehilah B'nai Jacob #galicia

Rita Margolies <b4kids@...>

Naomi Fatouros wrote:

YIVO has published a guide to its Landsmanshaft Archives, but I
don't know whether it's in Yiddish or English. Most likely the
archives are all in Yiddish, Hebrew, or, perhaps, Polish and
If you visit YIVO when it has reopened, you can ask to to see the
archives for a particular society

I'm not sure now when YIVO will reopen and more importantly if I will
be able to get there in the near future. For me, it will probably be
after the fall holidays.

However, the FHL [Mormon Family History Library] has on microfiche the
catalog of the YIVO holdings and, >from what I could see of the
description, the catalog is in English. It takes a little while for it
to arrive (I'm still waiting after a month), but it should be easy to
find out whether this congregation is listed.

Someone in my group has a hard copy of the pamphlet, so I suspect it's
not too hard to get >from YIVO.

Rita Margolies
Redmond, Washington

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