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The family origin mystery so far:

Shmaya Moshe Borenshtain (b+/-1845) and Zeicul had Haim (b+/-1867 d1949
London) in Poland.

Haim and Malka (Brandys) had Hindele (b+/-1887), Sarele (b+/-1888) and
Schliama (1890) in Poland and then emigrated to London (1894) with all
their children.

In London they had my grandfather Zalman (1896) and then another 4

Haim, Malka and Borenshtain children were naturalised (1911) to become
Hyman Edward Caroll Etherton and Milly although they spoke no English!
Schliama became Roy Seddon Llewelyn Leroi Brian Etherton!

The evidence for Jedrzejow (in chronological order) so far:

1. Schliama's birth certificate (1890) >from Jedrzejow

2. A letter >from the Jedrzejow rabbi (no year) stating that Shamaya Moshe
passed away (4th day of parshat Mishpatim) in a hospital in Kielce and his
son Haim in London has a responsibility to say kaddish on this day.

3. The UK naturalisation lists Haim as "coming >from Jedrzejow".

There are some 70 Borenshtain/Berenshtain BMD records for 1885 to 1910, and
30 Brandys, but apart >from Schliama I can't place any of them as known
relatives. I haven't ordered every record to check for a connection as I
can't afford it, but I still cannot figure out why I can't at least find
Haim's marriage, Hindele and Sarele's birth, or Shmaya Moshe's death. Am I
missing something?

Am I left with no option but to order every record possible and hope for
the best? Is it likely that Haim and Malka came >from somewhere else, were
married and had 2 children there, moved to Jedrzejow and had Schliama, and
then emigrated to London to have 5 more children? I'm stumped!

Suggestions please.

Ruvane Bernstein.

Researching BORENSHTAIN/BRANDYS - Jedrzejow Poland;

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