Where are the vital records? #galicia


I recently began researching my maternal, grandfather's family. My
grandfather's name was Aron Gelb. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1911. He said
he came >from a town called Mikolayev (his spelling on the ship's manifest).

I believe Mikolayev, which is now in the Ukraine and spelled Mikolayuv,
is located at coordinates 4946-2420, according to the Jewishgen Shtetlseeker.
This places it about 15 miles east of Lviv. It is near Glinyany.

Would anyone know if vital records exist for this shtetl? Would they be
in Lviv?

Someone once mentioned to me that vital records for Jewish villages were also
kept in a nearby town called Bobrka, which I believe is now called Chodorow.

I would appreciate any help.

Wayne Roth, Brooklyn New York The2thdkdr@aol.com

MODERATOR NOTE: Refer to Suzan Wynne's book, Finding Your Jewish
Roots in Galicia: A Resource Guide, published by Avotaynu, Inc. It
appears that there are vital records for this town with the Vinniki,
Eastern Galicia (Ukraine) records in the Polish National Archives in
Warsaw and in the Lviv Archives.

This book is highly recommended for Galician researchers, especially
those who wish to know the availability of vital records.

Avotaynu, Inc has a website: http://www.avotaynu.com

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