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Shelley K. Pollero <rpollero@...>

Jane Lowenkron Foss wrote in part: father's family was >from Zolkiew, now known as Zhovkva, and
Derevnia, a tiny near-by shtetl of about 100 people.

I noticed the Mormons had 3-4 microfilms of vital records from
Zolkiew and decided to extract them...
...the records generally are written in Cyrillic, and the names
are in Cyrillic and Polish...!
Peter Zavon, Gesher Galicia Family Finder Editor, contacted me about
this and said that if mid-19th century records are in Cyrillic, then
they are NOT for the Zolkiev which was in Galicia.

He added:

"Where Once We Walked [WOWW] lists a Zolkiew near Lublin, Poland
(formerly Russia) and I would expect THOSE records to be in Cyrillic
characters. Records in Cyrillic >from the Galician Zolkiew would have
to have been >from after 1920, and the Mormons have not had access to
such recent records, as far as I know."

Shelley Kellerman Pollero
Severna Park, Maryland
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MODERATOR NOTE: Galicia was in the Austrian Empire where records may
have been in Latin (pre 1877) or German and/or Polish. Refer to Suzan
Wynne's book, Finding Your Jewish Roots in Galicia: A Resource Guide,
published by Avotaynu, Inc. <>

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