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Eli Rabinowitz

Hi All

I returned early yesterday morning >from my third Roots trip, which was highly
successful and which had a tremendous following around the world!

Last night and today Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft >from South Africa was in Perth and my
blog covers his visits to the two of the shuls here: The Perth Hebrew Congregation
and CHABAD WA The blog, aptly called "The Tangential Traveller Meets The
Travelling Rabbi" includes photos and the video of his presentation.

Rabbi Silberhaft was enthusiastically received and I am sure that this is the start
of a successful visit to Australia for him!

The rabbi singlehandedly looks after many dying and dead Jewish communities in
Southern Africa and Mauritius. One of his major achievements has been to develop a
system to maintain the cemeteries and to protect the matsevas >from vandals. This is
of great benefit to genealogists!

The blog address is:

Best regards
Eli Rabinowitz

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