Re: Where are the vital records? #galicia


In a previous post, I mentioned I was looking for the vital
records for Mikolayuv (coordinates 4946-2420), a shtetl near Lviv.

The moderator noted that they were probably in the Polish
National Archives in Warsaw and in the Lviv Archives.

Does anyone know if LDS would have microfilmed these records?
These records would all be dated before 1900, so personal privacy
factors are not applicable here.

Wayne Roth, Brooklyn, New York

MODERATOR NOTE: There are very few LDS microfilms available for
Jewish records in towns in Galicia. There are some microfilms at LDS
Family History Libraries for Jewish Galician records, mostly in the
provinces of Krakow and Rzeszow in Western Galicia (now Poland). One
exception is the film for Lwow (now Ukraine). As far as we know,
these films are for the following towns:

Krakow (already included in JRI-Poland database on
Lemberg (Lwow)

Refer to Suzan Wynne's book, Finding Your Jewish Roots in Galicia: A
Resource Guide, published by Avotaynu, Inc. If you know of any other
LDS films for Jewish records in Galicia, please inform this forum.

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