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Lea Haber Gedalia <leahgedalia53@...>

Dear Genners
Last week I got a disappointing answer >from ITS concerning Oleg Kagan born 1913 in
Warsaw - No record was found for him. Oleg who was an electrical engineer was sent
to Finland after March 1940 when A daughter was born to his wife Channa Klavir
{born Lodz}. The family had an address for him in Finland , which seems to me as a
train station address - Karlopinskaya z'eleznaya Droga , stanica Maximillian
Michalevich. At first I thought it was a camp's name. Would he be living in train
station? Why was he sent? maybe as a Jewish soldier to fight against the Russians?
I can't think of another reason. I would appreciate any suggestions as to the
reason for his deportation to Finland and possible fate for which I do not have a
Lea Haber Gedalia

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