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Jennifer Mendelsohn <jennifer@...>

Hi all. This is my first ever post. I am trying to help my husband's 95 year old
grandmother track down any living descendants of her aunt, Beile Woland, who
arrived in the US in 1911 >from Wohyn, Poland. In the box on the manifest where it
says who paid for passage, Beile's entry says "bril," as do many of the others. I
apologize if this is a dumb question, but does that mean brother-in-law?

Also, if anyone is particularly good at deciphering old school handwriting, please
let me know if you can read the manifest. I can make out what appears to be "Summer
Street, Lynn, Mass" but the name is a mystery. She is line 12:

It appears to be initial A (which matches with a recollection of an uncle named
"Avram" >from Lukow) but the last name could be Kutner? Rufner? Neither of those
match any of the surnames >from the Lukow records on JewishGen. Beile's sister was
named Henia, but I cannot find any records of her at all. I have pored over the
1910 and 1920 censuses looking for a match at a Summer Street address (is it 189?
180? 106?) to no avail, yet. Any info would be appreciated, but nailing down what
"bril" means would help me enormously.

Thanks so much.
Jennifer Mendelsohn
Baltimore, MD

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