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Julia Lombardo <julialombardo@...>

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much to all who have responded to my question about "ORLOVSKY Fashion
& Ortho Shoe". I am sorry I forgot to mention that this was a fairly recent
business ownership, dating to the mid-late 1990's.

I am excited to say that through "Unclaimed Funds", "Property Shark", and "BBB", I
was able to get the address of the business, and even a picture of the store-front
after it was purchased by another owner. I was also able to find the daughter of
the man who purchased "ORLOVSKY Fashion& Ortho Shoe", and re-named it
"GLORIA Wide Shoes", in the late 1990's. Hopefully she will have some information
for me on the name of the original owner, since her father passed away.

Again, thank you all for your help, as always!

Julia Lombardo

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