JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Itsko, Aizyk: Russian Patronym #general

Bob Fitterman

First off, thank you all for your help with this question.

I think Irina shared the viewpoint that I was coming from:
Russian-language patronymics were really for use outside the Jewish
community, hence the poorly-worded orientation of my question. I know
the government didn't assign patronymics.

One person was confused about the relationships of the the two
Yitzhak's. One was the husband and the other was the father of my

Regarding questions of spelling: the records were >from a census record
that appears on in English: I am currently requesting
photocopies of the original documents and when I have those I will
come back with the spelling in Cyrillic and post the document to

Thank you all.

Bob Fitterman
New York City

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