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A. E. Jordan

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What I need to do is
figure out probable EDs for the 1905, 1915, and 1925 censuses.

There is a one step tool that will get you into the neighborhood for the AD
and ED that you can access at _www.stephenmorse.org_
( . However my experience with it is that it
may only get you to the general area and you may have to keep searching
beyond the ED it supplies.

At the library in Manhattan there exists the street index on microfilmed
index cards that has each individual address and the 1905, 1915 AD/ED
for the individual address. There are even page numbers where to find the
address within the census. It is fool proof and even shows when an address did
not exist. Ask if the NY State Library or the LDS has a copy of this
microfilm. It may only exist at the Manhattan research room in the Public
Library building at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue.

At the same building there are also maps -- some in the genealogy room and
some in the Map Room -- that show AD/ED for the state census records. If
you think you are going to have to do the map route suggestion is to take
along a current street map that shows the cross streets for the address you
are looking for. It helps if you know what part of the City to be looking
at in the maps.

Also in the case of Newark, New Jersey for example the Census district maps
for the State Census are on line and you can search them out and do the
research >from home.

Also at the NY Public Library you will find the complete 1890 Police
Census. They have the locator book to find addresses and they have
the complete microfilm of the 1890 Police Census.

Finally don't forget that Ancestry and are now loading the
NY State Census. So you might want to start your search on line because
it could save a lot of look up time and microfilm work.

Allan Jordan

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