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Marilyn Robinson

Hi All,
Recently, on my new blog at:
("Jewish Gem's Genealogy: Mining For Your Elusive Ancestors"), I
posted about the following topics which may be of interest to you.
Be sure to go to the very bottom of your computer screen and click
on "Older Posts" to go back to earlier postings:

Rostov-On-Don--"Jews in the Cavalry", "Donors Lists"

"Jews of Trans-Baikal

"1925 List of USSR Medical Doctors: Female Doctors"

Romania: 1925 Yearbook of Greater Romania

Poland: "Marriage Index", 1854 Index of Warsaw Suburbs Residents",
"Temples/Synagogues: Clergy, Committees, etc.", "Murdered in
Miednoje/Buried in Kolobrzeg", "2001Warsaw: List of Names >from the
Jewish Community", "1939-1945--Trzebina, Poland: Holocaust Victims",
"1918-1920 Poland: Army Losses--Lists of Names", "Jews of Lviv",
"1939-45 Chrzanow: List of Jewish Holocaust Victims", 1940 Kharkov:
Murder of Jewish Polish Officers", Pogroms: "1919, Kharkov Jewish
Community---Accounts of Executions by Vsyur Units", "Kharkov Jewish
Community Testimonies: Victims of Violence"

"Old Photos, Postcards, and Images of Jewish Communities and Families"

"Moldava and the Jews"

Bessarabia: "1901 Bessarabia Address Calendar (2), "A Slide Show
(Dumrava, Soroki, Zguritsy)"

"Tula: List of Jewish Pharmacists"

Yelets: "1911-17 Education", "1907-1914, Membership in the Poor Jews
Benefit Society", "1888-1917: Yelets Medical Society", "Merchants"

Siege of Leningrad: "Child Evacuees", "Child Evacuees and School

Ukraine: Malyn--"Shcherbov Yar--Jews Murdered by Nazis", 1913 All
Ekaterinoslav: "Veterinarians", "Midwives, Masseuses", "Dental List",
"Jewish Medical Doctors", "1919 Pogrom: Novograd-Volyn (Stone Ford)",
"1888 Glukov: Jewish Family List", "1871-1895: Mariinsky Girls High

Volozhin Yeshiv (1879): "Student Lists (#1), "Volozhin Yeshiva/Etz
Chaim Yeshiva (#2)"

Belarus: "Bielski guerillas", "1904 Lumber Traders who Purchased in
Minsk", "Jewish Generals/Admirals"

Other lists include information on Latvia, South Russia Jews,
Sevastopol, Moscow Jews, Yugoslav Jews, etc.

Marilyn Robinson (aka "Jewish Gem")

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